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Snaz! The new way to play cards with distant friends & family

Watch Snaz! in action...

  • Snaz! also removes the chore of hand shuffling a pack of cards, and it can deal as many cards to each player as you specify. Playing cards with your friends has never been so easy!

  • Your Snaz! Virtual Card Table even includes a handy pop-out Chat Centre, so all players in a game can communicate. (Of course you could also use various voice chat systems alongside your Snaz! window from any of the popular social media applications).

  • Your Snaz! Virtual Card Table will work on pretty much any device, from PC's to laptops to tablets and smart phones.

  • Snaz! does not require the installation of any software on your device - all you need is an up-to-date web browser such as Microsoft Explorer / Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Apple Safari - to name a few.

Give Snaz! a try - Join up now, for FREE!​



       Snaz! is really simple.

  • Join now and get a personal Virtual Card Table that nobody, except you (or your invited friends), can access. It's yours, it's free, and you can play cards on it whenever you choose.

  • Each Virtual Card Table comes with a unique code.
    If you share this code with friends & family, they can use your Virtual Card Table with no need for them to sign up or become members (of course, they can join up if they want their own card tables!).

  • A Snaz! Virtual Card Table does not enforce any game rules. In fact Snaz! has no built-in card games - it's just like sitting round a table with your mates with a pack of cards - you choose what to play and what rules to play by.

  • You can play just about any card game you know.! 

  • See our Quick Start Guide.

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