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Getting Started

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Step 1. 

Contact your family or friends and decide who is available to play and when.

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Ask your friends to join you for a card game (maybe consider setting up a WhatsApp / Messenger group, for example) and decide on a date and time you want to play.

Step 2. 

Sign in via "My Games"

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Then select "Manage My Games"


You should always login to your own Card Table via "My Games"

This gives you access to your "Game Table Management" screen.

If you login via Game Code (Step 4) - you will not be able to manage the Player names.

Step 3. 

View your Game Code(s). Add the names of the players who will be joining you.

If you leave the Player's names blank, they will be displayed in the game as "Player 1, Player 2", etc

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The names are just for display on the Virtual Card Table screen - you can type any names or nicknames you want, as long as your invited friends know which name is intended for them!

Manage 3.PNG

Simply type names into any of the 4 boxes provided.

The order in the list will determine the order of play. Use the Up/Down arrows to re-arrange player names.

Take a look at the Help panels

Make a note of your Game Code, then proceed to Step 4.

Step 4. 

Tell your friends the Game Code, and ask them to visit ""

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Your friends DO NOT need to be Snaz! members - they simply sign in to your Virtual Card Table with the Game Code you gave them (see Step 3 above). Then they can follow the links on the Snaz! website for "Already have a Game Code?"


Step 5. 

Click "Go to Card Table" button - wait for your friends to arrive.

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Manage 3.PNG

Click "Go to Card Table" button

Then you will see the "Game Table Entry" screen. This is the same screen that your invited players will see when they enter using the Game Code you told them in Step 4.


Select your name in the list. When you press the "GO" button, you will then see your Virtual Card Table.

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