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  • All the features of Snaz! FREE - plus. . .

  • Unlimited number of Game Tables - (set up bespoke tables for different games / groups of friends)

  • Play with 1 or 2 Decks of cards

  • SnazTilt!TM tool lets you rotate cards sideways

  • Choice of Standard playing cards or Special coloured cards (handy for alternative game play)

  • Re-arrange player order by drag and drop

  • Handy SnazCalc!TM scoreboard tool

  • Amazingly affordable payment plans

  • SnazTalk!TM Live voice communications between all players at a Table. Talk to each other freely whilst playing. (subject to suitable device / hardware requirements)



  • Play virtually any card game that you know with your family and friends

  • Play where you want when you want, for FREE

  • Works with PC / Mac / iPad / Android

  • Supports 1 to 4 players

  • Your own personal Game Table (FREE with every sign-up - means you can leave mid game then continue later whenever you want - your cards will be where you left them)

  • Play online - No software to install

  • Integrated live SnazChat!TM window lets players message in real time

  • Auto-Deep Shuffle each new Deck of cards

  • Option to include / exclude Jokers

  • Customisable SnazDeal!TM control to auto-deal from 1 card upto the entire Deck

  • SnazFlip!TM tool lets you place cards face-up or face-down

  • Generous "Hand" area lets you easily sort and arrange cards in your Hand

  • Only the "Game Organiser" needs a Snaz! account (you then invite your mates to enter via a FREE game table code)


If you have been given a Snaz! game code by a Snaz! Member, you can join their game here...

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