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Welcome to KwizzMate by Snaz!

The new way to pub quiz without paper


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What is KwizzMate    ?


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If your Quiz Master has given you  a code, you can sign-in here -->


It's all about the Answers (not the Questions).


  • There's no software to install for you or your guests - it's all done here, on this website.

  • KwizzMate     is just like having a set of Answer Sheets on your phone / tablet / laptop - which only you, your teammates and quiz master can see.

  • Participants can all login for FREE as individuals or teams - using the Game Code given by your quiz master.

  • The quiz master proceeds to ask the questions in the usual way (either live at a venue or remotely via any of the popular conferencing platforms).

  • Participants simply fill in their answers on their devices.

  • The quiz master can view each team's answers in real time and award points at any convenient moment.

  • The quiz master can view a Leaderboard showing running scores for all participants.

  • All the math is done for you!

How does it work?

The system comprises of TWO apps:-

  • KwizzMaster    - for the quiz master

  • KwizzMate    - for participants

Full User Guide for KwizzMaster is here.

Full User Guide for KwizzMate is here.



  • If you are the quiz master, log in to your Snaz! account in order to view your Snaz! Game Codes - here you will see an option to Go to a Card Table or Go to KwizzMaster    .

  • You will inform your quiz participants of the Game Code and then they can login to KwizzMate at HERE in order to view your blank Answer Sheets.


Quiz Master's screen

QMaster Input.PNG

Participants screen

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